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from apr 2022


Tianjin Shi, China

Wafer type single plate swing check valve manufacturer!

Tianjin Shi, China
April 21, 2022 Ad's number: 8258

Our company specializes in the production of wafer type single plate check valve, stainless steel single disc check valve, aluminum bronze single plate check valve, etc. The price is favorable and the quality is stable. Specializing in the production of valves for 16 years.

wafer type, single disc swing check valve (3)
wafer type, single disc swing check valve (3)

Single-plate check valve is an ultra-thin check valve with short structure size and single disc design. Compared with the traditional swing check valve, this series of valves has no external leakage, can be installed at any position, Good sealing performance, low linear vibration, low pressure drop and zero seat ring wear advantages.
Product name: Single plate check valve
Product model: H74H, H74W, H74X
Nominal diameter: DN50~DN1000
Structural form: single flap swing
Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa~4.0MPa
Connection method: Wafer type
Applicable temperature: -29ºC~+425ºC
Drive Mode: Media Push
Body material: cast steel, stainless steel, aluminium bronze, …
Standard: National standard GB, German DIN, American API, ANSI
Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, gas, liquid
Manufacturer: Tanghai valve

ALB Single plate check valve
ALB Single plate check valve

Product description of single plate check valve:
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